Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Never been a big fan of writing up resolutions, cos I know they don’t mean squat. And that resolutions should not be made only on new years. God knows these will all be pointless, but it’s always fun to make lists, no? But I’ll try to stay away from the obvious unattainables (I wanted to avoid clichés too but that’s pretty tough since I do want to be healthy, lose a few kilos and work harder etc)

So here goes, in no particular order:

*Save at least 30% of my salary

While this may not at all be implausible, letting it stay untouched will be a whole different story.

*To wake up skinny i.e. Be healthy

Here comes the mother of all resolution clichés that people make, but rarely keep. But why not, I just need to follow these steps:

- Eat sensibly
- Drink gallons of water
- More fruits and veggies
- Exercise
- Sleep early

Really simple, but definitely easier said than done.

*Read at least 1 book a week

Theoretically, I can always squeeze in 30-60 minutes of reading a day, but there’s always.. ‘distraction’ (i.e. excuses). The laptop is the biggest culprit, followed by my lack of focus. I’d never be able to finish a book in one go, so when I stop and want to continue it, I always find myself starting from the beginning all over again just cos I need to get the momentum going again.

My prediction for this is that I will fail miserably.


Never know when life's going to end, so I want to go out there and see the world country. I’ve never been to Sabah/Sarawak to begin with. Hello Kinabalu! Hehe

*Be happy with my job (and at the same time looking for a new one)

Sort of contradictory, but yeah, everywhere you go, you’re still gonna get some form of shit, no matter where you work. If it ain’t shit, it ain’t work. So I should be able to do either one, at least.

*Be a better friend

Simple, make time for friends. The fact that over time friends have gone separate ways means that keeping in touch is no longer a priority. But I’ll try to make it mine. Doesn’t help that I’m not really a phone person though.


Family always comes under resolutions alright, but do I want to say I should spend more time with them? I don’t think so. I see them everyday for goodness’ sake. So maybe I should say spend less time with them. Haha (Ok, not funnyh)

*Be THE Uncle who rocks

My aim this year is to be the most lovable Pak Long to those screaming machines = cutie pies (when they are sleeping) = nephews & nieces. In other words, I want to be their favourites. I gotta step up my game this year and bribe them with more interesting stuff than just the usual choki choki and some funny looking toys that I get for less than RM 10. These kids are getting pickier and smarter, not easy to satisfy them *rolls eyes* And that also means more Playhouse Disney and loads of horse riding (on my back) and see saw-ing (on my legs). Pfftt

But I’ll definitely have to unresolve this if at one point I think I am being taken advantage of.

But I have very limited knowledge of this, so maybe Investment for Dummies is a good start :Þ